Incredible Review Screenshot

I just felt the desire to share this. This is completely real btw, I took it this morning.

I’ve been very 忙しい.


Bro, that’s really impressive! How long did it take you to finish your review session?


Longer than I’d like to admit ahahaha

But in all seriousness, the number above is partly reviews done on my laptop, and partly reviews done on my phone. Somehow the review screen didn’t update for like a week or so, so all my reviews stacked and I managed to get this screenshot. So I guess I worked through these in about a week or so (spread over different days) but the review system counted them as one batch!


Haha, I see. For a moment I thought you did this in one sitting. But man, those numbers are still really impressive!

Keep it up!


I have similar situation. I started doing through the app flaming durtle. So if i check my reviews done it accumilates from since i made the switch to the app

This is over a year ago


Thank you :slight_smile: you keep it up too! Best of luck.


Oh my word. Yeah, you definitely have the upper hand here. And 98% accuracy too, that’s incredible. Props to you :clap:

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Haha I wish. if i got one wrong then got it right it counts as right. Because the review screen only counts last review on an item.

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