Wanikani screenshots 📸


Wow, are you…

Are you working right now?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Mine happens in Firefox and chrome on mobile; only when scrolling down but when I scroll up it reverts to normal. It blocks my access to the navigation menu so it is quite annoying. I figured someone would have reported it but yeah it’s been like this for a day or two.


Should be all fixed up. Let me know if you’re still seeing the issue and I’ll keep poking at it.


seems fine now


Yep, it‘s working for me! Had the same issue.
Thanks! :durtle_noice:


On the other hand, now it looks like this. As you can see, the blue icon on the right telling me I’ve got messages vanishes into the nothingness beyond the phone…


Aaand fixed. (There’s a different image for the header for the dark theme, but we only need it for the desktop version. The sizing was pushing things over…)



that’s the most anooying thing that could happen to a person



I didn’t have computer access for five days, but I didn’t think it would get quite THIS BAD in such a short period of time…

Time to push through and see how long this takes!


You can do iiiiiit!


First burns, and they’re on 火曜日






Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!

I managed to power through around 300 reviews in a little under two hours before my brain melted

I’ll… try again later tonight.


Wow! When I have too many reviews, I usually only do 150-200 per day until I hit the homestretch (under 300)


That seems more reasonable honestly! I’m a bit afraid of the number continuing to grow so I feel like powering through it now will make it less scary later. I keep seeing threads where people quit when they have such a high number of reviews, and I would like to avoid that haha


i did a huge stack (4 digits) in one day. many were due for burn. 500 got stuck in the system due to me failing them.
my first review after this was 2 weeks later, 500 remaining. next review another month later (tomorrow), after which i’ll have gotten them down to 4 months, so they’ll come again at the end of march (at which point i’ll beat them into submission for good).
the few i might miss will be nothing like the first stack, much less than the second one even. no big impact on daily wk business anymore.

3 painful rounds and even the biggest stack of doom is done for.


A huge number of reviews is probably the most intimidating/demotivating thing you can experience on WK, but you can get through it! Just don’t melt your brain too much doing it, lol


I live in fear of the burn items. They have yet to come back for me, but I know that when they do I will experience true pain.

And thank you for this encouragement! I think I’ll go run some errands and finish my work for the day, then come back and try to push through the last 500 or so.


the day they come back for the burn is the day they’ll be cremated. no more Rise In Pain, it’s Rest In Peace now.

don’t worry about anything on wk. you can fix the worst situations imaginable here in only a day, then continue to move ahead again. it’s not scary - think of it as a double xp event, because that’s what it really is: refreshing a long lost memory reinforces it quite a lot.