Wanikani screenshots 📸


Just got back from week long meditation retreat to 279 reviews. Finished the last 157 in one hellish go.





That one review though. :eyes:

P.S. This gif made me uncomfortable so that’s why I chose it, please enjoy.


could this be my fastest level up in an ever??
am I trying to race towards death?


The logo got skewed.


Yes!! I thought it was just me. :sweat_smile:


i like it. not because it’s pretty, but because you see at a glance what the thread name is.


Well, level 56, and the double n is still happening to me.
And when it’s a three letter word…


Oh god I’ve learned the hard way what happens when you forget about Vacation Mode…



Normally at least one brain fart or typo, but not today sir!

(I do the double ‘n’ thing on meanings a lot too, mostly on words like 阪神 or 関西 where the meaning is the same as the reading because it’s a title…)


Not wanikani related, just wani related…


Somebody decided to make the logo on the forums smaller or is it only me?



So I’ve been on level 26 for a really long time… lol
For anyone who’s wondering why I was on level 9 for a long time…
I used to be at level 40something but I decided that I forgot a lot
so I told them to reset me.

Hope you enjoy seeing how long I’ve been here lol


There might be a bug in the browser or the CSS rules because I can see the skewed logo.

Discourse header issue on mobile

Mm, mine looks like this:


I see, i read your post yes, it looks like the one @lollipophuho has, right?

Well, maybe it has something to do with the browser.
I’m using chrome, and u guys?


I’m getting the new smaller on on my laptop, and the distorted one on mobile. Started some time yesterday.


Oh, ok

When you scroll down on any topic it is displayed like that to show in the right side the name of the topic.

Alright then, so it’s a mobile thing

Ahm, @viet Hi, sorry to bother you, think we found sort of a bug here.


I’m using chrome and It might be a discourse bug. Firefox (mobile, android) displays skewed logo too.


I am able to reproduce this. Discourse must have pushed out an update which broke our override. Will take a look at this tomorrow. Thanks for letting us know.


I looked at the css with the browser inspector and the logo width is 215.7962%