Wanikani screenshots 📸


Level 20 took just one hour longer than level 1 did.



I feel called out

(I know it’s not a WK screenshot… deal with it)


WaniKani is actually a hentai light novel:


4000 burns :3





damn slackers :smiling_imp:


Going beastmode in everything in life is tough :sob:

It’s okay, I’ll be watching football/soccer later while doing reviews :rofl:


In France we say the opposite “Qui aime bien, châtie bien” : who loves well, chastises well



When the four-legged ones decide to stomp all over the keyboard. :confounded:



Be careful, according to the TOS you can’t lend your account to anyone. Also he’s not a human so he can’t have one on his own.
I wonder how you’ll help him learn japanese.


Oooh you’re right. Also, “A User must be at least 13 years of age”, and he’s only four months old.


I decided to try drawing a few of the mnemonics to see if it helped with memorization.

I’m not sure if this is going to help.


I did it! i’m not including how many I got wrong in my final push

I really learned my lesson from this. Never ever let the reviews pile up past 800 ever ever again. It took me longer to get back in the grove of wanikani than I thought but today I finally overcame.


I mean, technically… hum…









Edit: I was meaning to draw attention to the 666 reviews, just realized this isn’t the best screenshot for that.

Welcome back me.


No +


I see you have learned the truth of the universe.