Wanikani screenshots 📸


This is what ~two weeks of working on thesis gets you. (For some reason it seemed like a good idea then to keep up with the 7-8 day level up speed…) Time to tackle these darlings! :sunglasses:

Total time spend to clear the review queue: 2:56:34…
Godspeed for anyone who has had a huge backlog. You can do it!! :slight_smile:


24h… here I go…



Brain: “Alright I know this one, easy peasy, it’s ‘every time’. Get to work fingers”
Fingers: “Every… oh yeah that’s do, better put that down. We still got a few letters left over though, let’s just shove them in at the end. Nobody’s going to look that far into the word anyway. Every dome. Perfect!”


Every Doug dimmadome?


All mostly new items, and 100%? What sorcery am I secretly performing to get this accuracy? Where’s my precious 60% average??



that’s what override is for. i’m not here to learn “tofugu’s definitions”, i’m here to learn kanji.



I probably would have a dollar for every time this happened because I wouldn’t need blood pressure medication to keep from exploding every time.

Edit: that doesn’t really make sense, but internally I’m still boiling so I don’t much care


no shit. this game is literally unplayable without this mod :sunny:


commit arrêter

at least I have time to get through the vocab before levelling up though


Posting this because since I got to level 60, this doesn’t happen much. Those apprentice items though #rip.


I got it, don’t worry.


This is what overthinking looks like.



meanwhile, i’m here forgetting which part of the mnemonic to remember


this is the embodiment of pain


I installed [Userscript] Wrong of the Day a while back and have let it sit and gather wrong answers for the past couple weeks

this is fun to look at


Well talking about nuances…



Good think that we can watch them side to side, otherwise… certain leeches


so close to 100%… but I got everything else right and like 13 of them were my newer items, so… yay!





thank you crabigator very cool