Wanikani screenshots 📸


I normally miss at least a couple on Master/Enlightened reviews, so this was nice.


Y-you are nice! :3


I usually miss more than a couple.


Things are starting to spread out… :slight_smile:



I keep getting
and mixed up, but now i’ve learned that 科料 is minor fine
but i don’t know if this will help haha
“Science Fee”


What you’ve done is awesome.


dude, that’s exactly the two i get mixed up. i know it’s 麦 and 米, and yet i mix em up. drives me crazy. i have to figure out a way to get them down!


well, it’s and 米 i don’t know if that was a typo
but yeah it’s difficult for me to remember


so 料理 is what does it for me. cooking. you can eat rice with chopsticks (and rice is a resource for many japanese dishes).

科 is then “the mugi one”, which works. not elegant, but who cares if it does the trick, hehe.


aaaaah ok got it :slight_smile:

and that does seem like a good way to remember
rice goes in food, trees are for science!


Fast levels:

Just finished 300+ reviews… I still have 300+ piled up

because yes of course

somehow I kinda like this


In Portugal, we usually say “Quanto mais me bates, mais eu gosto de ti” // “The more you hit me, the more I like you” :rofl: The hitting part meaning “doing someone wrong”.


Nice one!!

In Mexico we have “Pégame, pero no me dejes” >> “Hit me but don’t leave me” which I’d like to say that it has some deep meaning but it merely describes a somehow abusive relationship where one prefers a constant punishment rather than losing the other one


Haha, one good!

Don’t worry, I’m sure the Portuguese version didn’t come from pure intentions either :sweat_smile:


I really wanted this to be ぶや。



I don’t think I’m the only one who (in my mind) goes extra heavy on the ぶ in 渋谷 :smile:


Not a screenshot, but a story.

I‘ve gone in and out of vacation mode a couple of times these last few days and the Tsurukame app showed that I had some 100+ reviews to do. The Allicrab app didn‘t show anything, I just thought, well, it probably hasn‘t updated since I last came out of vacation mode. I did my 100+ reviews on Tsurukame and didn‘t think twice about it. Until I wanted to check when my next reviews would come up. And that was when I noticed that I was still in vacation mode. Imagine me panicking… All those reviews for nothing! I went out of vacation mode, let everything update… and it seems that my reviews went through perfectly fine. At least, my queue says 0 now :sweat_smile:. So I can legitimately say that I did 100 reviews while in vacation mode.


And a picture. This is what my brain still knew after a 3 months hiatus… Very colourful. Most of that was still light blue a couple of days ago.


It’s not every day that I can say that I actually WISH I had more reviews and lessons to do.