Wanikani screenshots 📸


i’m looking forward to doing lvl 26 :slight_smile: not ironic, i really do.

when i feel overwhelmed, i do vocabulary lessons only. they’re all based on the level that caused the problem, they mostly help, and most of them are easy. i also get most of them on iknow, too.

better to wait 1-2 days longer sometimes. that’s nothing in the long run. i rather have my old stuff sorted before i progress, even tho i make exceptions sometimes.


45 burns in one session is… quite a lot for me. Of course, I got 生まれ wrong because I wrote “to be born” without really reading the okurigana, not realising it wasn’t 生まれる。Oh well. Putting てん instead of でん for 終電 also spoiled the session a little. :cry:


We heckin gettin there aaaaaaaa


When you remember the mnemonic “too” well.


it is done.

let’s not take 8 million years this time.


It’s been a while :sweat_smile:




Not too happy about this V2


Jukugo is a jukugo word. How about that.


YAY 2000 burned!


When you fail a burn because of a phone typo. For some reason I’ve found that sometimes there’s a delay when typing and く might become う, or like here い will become non existent when I type it too quickly, and if I don’t pick up on it before automatically hitting enter… sadness and regret. :cry:


It’s been a while (a looong while) since I made it to 0/0. Reviews are going to bite me in a couple of days but it feels so good!!


Thank you Japanese friend for having this kanji in your name. I wouldn’t have burned it otherwise.



I don’t know whether you’re using android or iOS, however there’s apps you can download from the stores that allow you to do reviews without the chunkiness of using a browser. It looks like you’re on android if I had to guess though. The good one on android has the ignore script built in for bothersome typos, which occur all too often on a phone, especially when you’re travelling.

I don’t think it’s worth knocking a burn back to apprentice for a typo. :slight_smile:


I don’t trust myself with an ignore script so for me it is worth knocking back a burn, as frustrating as it is. More than 50% of my incorrect readings are a result of a typo, but I have less than 1% readings incorrect, and I’d like it to stay that way when I’m actually reading, so I’ll get over it. Boy does it sting when it’s something incredibly simple like this though.



I just recovered from about a month of ~60% on every review, desperately chipping away from 400+ pile, on verge of giving up completely. I thought I’d never reach zero again, but there it is! A tiny little one-bite with full marks! うれしい!本当にうれしい!


Do KaniWani screenshots count?


I’ve only been on WK for just over 2 months and I’m consciously not going at break-neck speed, but I’m happy with my progress so far.


Looks good! Remember when the burns start coming round the review load will jump up further each day. You need to keep a pace that works for you, and gives you time to do other Japanese study as well!


I feel the same. This whole thing is not about getting the burn count up but learning the kanji thoroughly. A failed burn means waiting five months before it can be burnt again. But the two extra reviews only take a few seconds each, and means you know the word even better from the extra practice.