Wanikani lookalike app for English?

Hello everyone! I’m an Italian native speaker studying both Japanese and English languages. Even though I think my English proficiency is quite decent I want to keep improving my vocabulary and I was wondering if there is a Wanikani look alike app for learning English vocabs using the SRS.

Please let me know, thanks in advance.

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I don’t know any like this, but there’s always good 'ol anki, which is an app that uses SRS and you can download decks prebuilt or build your own.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have an input, so you don’t have to actually write anything, jus remember it and be honest with yourself if you got it right easily, hardly or not at all, but still

Try Memrise maybe

I haven’t tried it much myself but I plan to do so after learning more grammar. So not 100% sure if it works same way as Wanikani

Other than that Anki is what most people use.

Quizlet is another one. You can create your own set of flashcards or use ones other people have made. It has games you can play to reinforce the information as well.

I second Anki as a general SRS tool

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There’s ways you can program it to accept input. I’m not versed with it, but I’ve downloaded decks that have it. I’m sure it’s a Google search away if you wanted to build your own deck with that feature.

There are also people who’ve built WK-styled clones too. So you don’t have to keep the plain boring white background with black text. You can change the CSS. :slight_smile:

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As a non-native English speaker, I should admit that WaniKani is a good SRS app for English too

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Well, apparently learning japanese on Wanikani also improves my english vocabulary so much better than anything else. I mean all those creative mnemonics, absolutely fantastic language of Tofugu articles, such a lovely community… It s like i was doing eng-ru on Memrise, but dumped it, now i only watch tv shows and movies on ororo.tv that has a very simple way of turning on subtitles and just adding new words to a learning list.

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