Anything bu Kanji (& Grammar) App/Website ?!

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sorry for the Noob question and especially, if it was already answered somewhere else.

Where can I learn all the non-Kanji vocab in a WaniKani Style App or Website?
I am not particular interested in Grammar, as I am using Genki for that, but if you have a good recommendation for both at the same time, I am eager to hear about that as well.
But mostly I would love to find a good App or Website that teaches all the non-Kanji Vocab without redoing all the Kanji. I feel WaniKani is pretty perfect for Kanji, so I am somewhat reluctant to learn that again in another App/Website. Maybe somebody has an Anki Deck for just that?

I am also using Lingodeer, which I love for its simplicity/fun-factor and Genki, though it seems quite “box-ish”. I feels like being force-fed by your parents.

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Hmm off the top of my head, there’s the Torii app which has a kana-only mode for learning vocab

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Thank you MissMisc, this would litereally be perfect, if I had an Android Phone or a computer I could install something on. (Only have an iPhone and a work-computer ) :frowning:

I see you mention Anki being okay in your OP? I found this Anki template that is made to be similar to WK, and there’s a section where the Core10k is broken down into kana-only


YES. that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you :blush:


Unfortunately, my recommendations are paid services. Both of them use SRS.

Jalup NEXT
Learn Kana, Kanji, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, and ‘Expert’ levels of Japanese with the i + 1 incremental method. As you advance through the sentences, it teaches you vocabulary and grammar. Once you reach the Intermediate level, it will teach you Japanese using the Japanese you’ve already learned.

Learn 6,000 of the most common vocabulary (a ton of kana vocab) and practice sentence structure. They have apps for iOS and Android.

awesome. thank you mztik.
I really like Jalup NEXT from the look and feel. It is a bit pricey though, but I’ll give it a further look.

I’m using Memrise with great success, this course would be especially good for WaniKani folk: HELLO ワニカニ拡張パック - by まゆっち - Memrise is in open beta now and it have some great vocabulary decks


Best recommendation right there :point_up:

It’s a new project, but the platform is quite user-friendly (cough anki is terrible cough ) and the decks available for Japanese are quite good. Special mention to the 4.5k katakana deck and to the Core 10k published by @hinekidori. The thing about Kitsun is that it allows for deck publishers to continue improving their work even after publishing them and deliver that same work to the users, which is something not as easily done in other platforms.

Search on the forums for Kitsun and you’ll find a thread about it. I’ve been a beta user since the start and I definitely love this project :smiling_face:


You’re terrible!


Just sometimes.


The decks on the iOS app (App Store link) are cheaper and it can be used offline. Although, I prefer the ‘NEXT’ web app version. It’s an expense of a lifetime (maximum package), but one that is worth every penny based on the improvements I’ve made so far. It’s so effective, I can finally understand why there are good reviews considering the price. Something that stands out and that I really like is the card linking. If you go through the first set of 100 cards you will definitely understand how incredibly useful it is. It must have been hell for the creator to accomplish this. He did talk about it on Tofugu’s blog here.

Both ‘NEXT’ website and the iOS app let you try the first 100 cards of every deck for free.

Hey Guys, awesome. Thank you all so much for all your suggesions, I am gonna have a deep look into all of them and see which I like most.

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