Wanikani for Japanese people

Hi everyone
Does anybody know of a Wanikani-equivalent SRS system designed specifically for Japanese learners of English? (Croccycrabby, perhaps?)


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WaniKani is a kanji-learning website, so there’s not really an English equivalent.

For any old SRS, Anki will do.


Very useful, thank you!

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Do you mean for learning English vocabulary? I feel like a lot of Japanese learners of English get plenty of experience with drilling vocab already…



I have seen people using some apps with a simple SRS, or paper flashcards. But it also showed me that knowing what cromulent means doesn’t help you to speak English.


Gotta love the way these books teach one-to-one vocab! With little to no mention of synonyms to be seen.

What’s “paper” in Japanese? 紙? No, no. Only 論文 or レポート.

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:joy::roll_eyes: “Wow! You save a lot of kids!”

Does anyone know of a mnemonic-based SRS system for learning English?

In my experience, iKnow isn’t a great solution for learning English (or Japanese), since it doesn’t use mnemonics. It’s just brute force SRS, which is ok, but it doesn’t hold a candle to wanikani’s mnemonics.

I used iKnow daily for years, and was still basically guessing most of the time. It’s a very slow way to learn, if you can’t remember words easily - which is what mnemonics give you.

PS: I do love iKnow’s “Rapid Choice” and “Listening” games for listening practice. It’s a great addition to your wanikani practice if you use the wanikani iKnow courses.

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