Looking for a vocabulary learning resource just like wanikani

Now that I’ve reached lvl 10 i wanted to start learning vocabulary on top of kanji (i know wanikani has vocabulary too but i would like to do more), i tried using anki but i find it confusing .i was wondering if there is a website or an app that is just like wanikani but for vocabulary in the way that you’ll get a sentence or a word in English or Japanese and then get asked for its meaning or reading in Japanese or English and you type the answer (not select how easy or hard it was to answer like in anki) and ideally with the same progression system wanikani has.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think you might wanna just bite the bullet and get into Anki. There are a few decks that should do exactly what you want. Others will weigh in on this I’m sure. :blush:


Could you recommend me some of those please :pray:

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Isn’t iKnow basically a vocab system like what you’re thinking of? I don’t know if they do SRS. I just know that when I did their placement test I got 100% so I didn’t bother signing up.

I 100% recommend iKnow, it’s actually got enough vocabulary to take you up to N2 or 3. It’s functionally very similar to wanikani and is SRS based. iKnow also allows for custom vocab and lets you practice words even while you’re waiting for your next SRS cycle, so I think it’s quite useful.

iKnow is exactly that : they propose to learn words, with at least one sentence for each word, and you have questions (SRS-timed) on meaning, reading and sometimes the sentence with the word you learned to write in the blank space. It’s very easy to use.
iKnow propose a sentence trainer too ; it’s just the example sentences cut in words you have to put in the right order. I like to use this tool to really question myself on the sentences : why this order of words, why this particle…
I totally recommend iKnow. They offer 5 days free for all new members, if you want to test it.
Hope it helps.

If you end up not wanting to pay for iKnow there is the 10K Vocab deck with sentences, audio, and a similar setup to WK.



I use this and I totally recommend it. If you download the deck from here, it automatically changes your anki settings to make it look like Wanikani.

And if that’s not your thing and you want something similar to WK/iKnow but for free, I’d recommend Memrise. It’s an SRS flashcard program like Wanikani or Anki and there are a number of user-submitted Japanese vocab decks that are quite good

I tried these out and they are just what I’ve been looking for! thanks you so much.
I just got one question,when kanji such as (般,席) that i did not learn yet appears in a sentence, should i even bother memorizing the reading or just focus on what the sentence or word means.


Just downloaded iKnow to try it out. Is it possible to hide the translations of the sentences? I’d really like to read them myself first without having to cover up the english.

I think Memrise is swell and has a nice interface. Though also Duolingo: Japanese might interest you in your vocab/grammar building. :slight_smile:

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iKnow is great. Plenty of N2 and N1 vocab there as well. I’ve been a member for years and use it off and on.

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Yeah, iKnow. I just finished the Core6000. It’s a good foundation, but if you want to go higher than N3 you’ll definitely need to get into Anki/HouHou too.

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Not that I know of.
But it has been a request for at least a few months. Perhaps you could ask the support.

Are you suggesting there is no N2/N1 vocab in iKnow, or just that it is incomplete for N2/N1?

I sent them a message. I hope they implement that soon. So far that’s really my only complaint. But for me, since I’m trying to improve my reading skills, it might be a deal breaker on deciding to pay for a pro membership.

It’s quite distracting having the English translation there. Covering it up with my hand is not convenient and I feel like it wouldn’t take much effort on their part to make it so you have to tap/click to show the translation.

Other than that, this app is pretty good! I’m glad I tried it out! At the very least, I’ll keep using it until my trial runs out. (I found a coupon code for 3 months free)

I’d recommend Houhou right off the bat. It’s 100% free, SRS based, and allows for custom vocabulary. It even works offline too, so I hear.
If you want to take a look: http://houhou-srs.com/

There is also Breadstickninja’s expansion pack. There are Anki and Memrise versions of it - pick the one that floats your boat. Sorry, I don’t have a link handy, but a bit of searching around will get you what you are looking for.

I started doing this on Memrise at one point, but gave up for the time being. There are too many other things I’m bad at that need work - I have plenty of vocab/kanji and not enough other things, so for me trying to memorize large amounts of vocab seemed like a waste of time if I can’t effectively use the vocab I have. Your situation might be different, but take care to ensure you have the right balance in your studies. Mine is already way out of whack with just what we have in WK.

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I’d try to focus on everything since this is additional to WK. But just take your own pace and have fun. :blush:

There’s the Genki textbook vocabulary on memrise.
I recommend it since there are a LOT of useful words and expressions that you won’t learn (or later) on WK. I mean things you’ll be using in daily life.