Japanese Equivalent to Bunpro/WaniKani

Hi everyone, I’ve never written on here before but I figured this would be the best place to ask. My Japanese friend would like to study English more often and by use of phone apps however I’m not really sure what the best Japanese apps are for studying English and wondered if anyone knew of any that were similar to Bunpro and WaniKani (SRS style). Any help would be great :blush:

Reverse wanikani, kaniwani.

I think in order to use kaniwani you have to have unlocked the levels on wanikani, which wouldnt make sense for a japanese person imo

The closest thing I can think of is the mikan app. Hopefully, this helps your friend. I’ve recommended this app to my colleagues and some have subscribed and consistently use it.

Added an (older) article for reference but you get the idea:

Also, LingoDeer has an English course IIRC.


Duolingo has English lessons as well, also I think the japanesepod101 people on YouTube have English videos for learning too, not really srs. I bet anki has English decks?

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I imagine Anki or Kitsun SRS decks would still be useful

iknow.co.jp --> iknow.jp


Yep - iknow.co.jp

Oh thanks everyone for the help :sparkles: I’ll be sure to let my friend know asap.

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