Wanikani Game Show

Screw typing. I want a gaudy wanikani game show mode where the quiz shows up with a big 5 second count down timer and pointless flashy graphics. (and I can play it on my TV)

I smash the big red button (bing!) and shout “disaster” followed by audience cheering or booing.

Or I yell わざわい, and the app recognizes my speech (because it’s 2020 and speech recognition is already here).

If I don’t answer in time, I’m asked again one more time later (without penalty).

It doesn’t have to work for everything (like kanji readings). Just give me fun way to whip through vocab and take a break from the monotony.

When the game show is over, I can resume monotony mode where I have to type things in and read lengthy descriptions until I fall asleep :slight_smile:

Actually, screw reading too. How about a bot which reads the text to me and flashes up silly graphics for keywords. Or crowd source short videos for the descriptions :slight_smile:

Ok - back to reality - lots more reading and typing to do today…


“Now then - which one is ‘honor’, and which one is ‘glory’?”


Bzzz!! Too slow :slight_smile:


I mean we could actually do something like it. I remember @Leebo wanted to host a game show. Now that we don’t have much social events going on IRL a virtual game show could be nice


There is a script out there that already does part of what you wish for. It doesn’t have a game mode feature, but maybe you’re interested nonetheless:


Easy! 栄光 is glory, 光栄 is honor. Think of the first kanji as an adjective modifying the second - it’s not moon green!

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The reviews are incorporated into https://www.theworldsworstwebsiteever.com/

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