Can we get an "ignore" button for vocabulary, please?

Hi there,

can we PRETTY PLEASE get a button to ignore vocabulary that we already definitely know or that we simply do not want to learn? I am currently at L54 and I really don’t want to waste my time typing 9(?) times "おはよう” and increasing my review stack because you decided to add it to the vocabulary just now. It’s great that you did, but please do not make me type it in!

I am any way pretty frustrated with remembering the more absurd stories or making up my own stories where the mnemonic simply does not fit in the higher levels. This just adds to my level of frustration.



This post was longer than ohayou x9


lots of people hate the kana-only vocabulary… so there’s probably someone who’d like to delete them too

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Slightly off topic, but whatever happened to Kana vocab? I thought the plan was to add more kana every fortnight or so.
Maybe after the backlash they just quietly scrapped the idea?

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+1. I find so much vocab that needs skipping. And the inclusion of basic, kana-only words is almost… a waste of time. It’s great to see Wanikani expanding its content, but for me, the exclusive draw has always been its specialization in Kanji.

I had previously installed so many community scripts to make the experience workable. The lack of certain functionalities when compared to other tools, like Bunpro, is prety noticeable. The reliance on the API ecosystem for modifications was a strategic choice, but they need an actual platform to make it sustainable and not be so duct taped together. Since the recent rewrite, the scarcity of community scripts have only compounded the feeling that Wanikani is great source of content locked behind a half-built experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Wanikani, it could just be so much better than it is now.

Context: came back after a couple years and reset my level, so especially feeling this vocab pain


I feel like a good middle ground for kana-only vocabulary would be to send it straight into the review pile. If you get it right, then it should be burned right away. If not, then they could add it as an additional lesson.

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That might be even a good and simple solution in general… The first presentation is a review with an option to see the explanation or burn it. Many people start with prior knowledge. Love it.