Speech recognition or hotkeys for Wanikani reviews

Is there a way to answer Wanikani reviews without typing? (I’m a fabulous typist, but it’s still a tedious waste of time to type every single answer, in my opinion)

I would love either voice input (which half works already) or hotkeys.

@rfindley 's Self-Study Quiz script, for example, provides this hotkey interaction → I see a quiz item, and think of the answer. If I’m 100% sure I know it, I press cmd-right. If I’m not 100% sure, I type ?. The answer appears, and if I was right, I press cmd-right. If I was wrong, I type x. This interactions is MUCH FASTER than typing.

Another option would be voice recognition, which is great on my phone and computer. I can already say the English answer instead of typing it. But, when I say Japanese answers, I get the Kanji spelling, which is “incorrect” according to Wanikani, because I didn’t type hiragana. (but I pronounced the word well enough that speech recognition understood me - which is far more useful than being able to type hiragana).

The hotkeys idea is just what the Anki Mode userscript implements. I have not tried it, so I do not know about the details.

thx @lamperez - Anki Mode seems to work pretty well, but unfortunately isn’t compatible with other scripts I’m using. Still might be worth using sometimes :slight_smile:

Never used it but I’m curious


thanks for the link - definitely want to try it - have to switch to chrome first…

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