WaniKani dark theme

I mean, the title says most of it really. I tend to use WaniKani a lot during the evenings and nights and the bright white can get kind of straining after a while. It’d be nice to have a dark theme, but maybe I am the only one having this ‘problem’. Oh, and sorry if this has been discussed already, I couldn’t find anything on it.


Ah, WaniKani dark theme.

I was about to mention the forum dark theme. :sweat_smile:

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I use [Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark by @valeth. It’s very nice :upside_down_face:


Edit: It even supports @acm2010’s [Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition and [Userscript] Niai 似合い Visually Similar Kanji, which are easily 2 of my favorite userscripts!


If you’re using Safari on Mac there are a few extensions in the Mac App Store that add a dark mode to Safari. The one I’m using is creatively called “Dark Mode for Safari”. You can choose to apply dark mode to all sites and whitelist the ones you choose, or can add just the sites you want to go dark.


Was Breeze Dark theme ever updated to work with the new header and other UI changes? Me and some other users made some quick hacks to fix a few things for the new header, but I haven’t seen a totally complete version yet.

I use Breeze currently but I don’t like it very much. I’ve had to modify the colours (blue, pink and purple 4 life!!) and yeah like BadCat I’ve modified it so that the header is dark too. The theme is still a bit buggy and on one of my PCs the items are always grey instead of being coloured… would much rather an official dark theme, but until then I guess we’ll have to wait :wink:

Awesome! Thanks for bringing this app to my attention! I bought it and am using it …GREAT! かたじけないで御座る!

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The original thread was updated since the changes, so I assumed it’d been directly addressed by now… the edits that other people made have worked like a charm for me though, I’d link them if I remembered where they were :man_shrugging:

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