Native dark theme on forums

Can we get a native dark theme for the forums please? My eyes thank you for your consideration.


This is my favorite feedback post yet. Seconded! :rofl:

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What? You don’t enjoy being bathed in a radioactive rain of a thousand dying suns?



…while we’re at it could we get a dark theme for WaniKani itself?

please don’t tell me there is one already and I just haven’t noticed it

I mean, please do, because I want to use it, but I’ll be upset with myself for a while


There are several dark themes for WK, just no native dark theme

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Yep, sorry, I should have specified. I know there are dark themes, but it would be nice if there were a native one.

Thanks for pointing them out to me though.

@CyrusS Not sure if you’re the right person to tag for this. What are your thoughts on adding a dark theme for the forums?

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We should add that WK wouldn’t need to write one of their own, there are several dark themes in the repo already.


Yeah, I figured that would be the case, but I didn’t want to state it as a fact since I didn’t know for sure. Thanks for mentioning.

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I don’t do any of the development side of things, so I’m afraid I’m the wrong person to ask. Personally, I wouldn’t mind one, but I wouldn’t be doing any of the work to make it happen, so my opinion doesn’t really count for much here. :wink:


That’s not true. We value your opinion so much. That’s why the question was directed to you.

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@viet @oldbonsai Thoughts?

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Wasn’t aware this was an option:

I’ll look more into it.


This would be good!

I know two quick solutions to the problem of white background and black text.

  1. Use your OS’s invert color program.
    A) On Mac OS this is the hotkey “Control-Option-Command-8” and if you need to activate the hotkey it’s here:
    B) On Windows OS open Magnifier and press “Control-Alt-I” to toggle inverted colors.

  2. Install Deluminate on Chrome. The hotkey is “Shift-F11” and it’s nice because it doesn’t invert some images and useful color schemes.
    *Note: I don’t know about similar addons for Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, IE, etc.
    **Another Note: I don’t know a simple, fast solution for phone users beyond screen dimming programs: screen dimmer by Sébastien Morand is an example for Andriod phones.

It would be cool if more sites had a dark/light setting, but in the meantime this is how I fix this issue.

OH and there’s a third option:
3) Stylish. Try it out!

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Change theme by updating your settings here. The dark theme is just the dark preset of Discourse. It needs tweaking (like the logo…), but I’ll get around to it later.


I just happen to already have a version of the logo with white text that I use for my transparent theme, if you want to hotfix it.



Ahh thanks. I’ll get it installed now.


My eyes are so happy, thank you.