Possible Dark Mode?

To all the community members, does anyone else have the problem of their eyes being assaulted when booting up Wani Kani late at night? I’d love for there to be a dark mode, but I just wanted to gauge the communities thought on this.


Dark mode is a must for me, so I currently use Breeze Dark (a style script) to get it. But I do agree it’s one thing which I think should definitely have a native implementation by the devs!


Like Hubbit said, I also use breeze dark and I never have an issue late at night!

In fact I do a lot of reviews & spend a lot of time on the forums late at night and it’s always nice and easy on my eyes.

Here’s breeze dark on the default dashboard:

Breeze dark link.

Worth mentioning that breeze dark is so popular that even some of the extension devs integrate the breeze dark colours option into their extension settings!

If you’re just getting into extensions for WaniKani there are a lot of good ones that can improve your dashboard UI, here’s mine :smiley:


There are user scripts for this, but it’s also natively in WK. Just go to your Preferences and change from Light to Dark Theme.

I still use the Light one. I just prefer it with low light settings and night light on the screen.

Unfortunately that only changes the forum, and not Wanikani itself!


Aha, I see. I never use it so I guess I assumed wrong. I guess, user scripts is the way to go then.

why not just turn on inverted colors?

Dark Mode is a must have.

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