[Userstyle] WaniKani Simple Dark


Ever wanted to have a theme so that WaniKani didnt kill your eyes? Well then head to wanikani-breeze-dark (I joke). I’ve been working on a dark theme for WaniKani so that my eyes don’t get murdered when I decide to work on my Reviews at 2am!




This is a userstyle, so you’re going to need either…

Then you can head to the userstyles.org page and press install!


Can be found on my Github Account!


I’ve attempted to iron out most, but I don’t use all aspects of the WaniKani sites, if i’ve missed something let me know in this thread :pray:. (Or alternatively you can open an issue on the Github)


Reminds me of…


Hence your joke.

What are the major differences? (It’s been forever since I used the dark theme.)

That one is more blue, based of a Unix theme (Linux junk). I liked the material colors (Google junk) and thus I remade the theme to what I wanted. Mine also has a heavier reliance on variables, if you wanted to change the colours up for whatever reason.

Its pretty cool, a little more advanced in my opinion :slight_smile:

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So “Wanikani Breeze Dark Remix”

Totally acceptable. Great work.

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Well yeah, that and I flattened (removed gradient) of a few different things.

Looks good, though there are some missing styles: the “Your Progression” section (item info pages), lesson tabs, login page.

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This is great! The only thing is during lessons, you get a huge white band, which kills the eyes:

Almost there!

Thankyou! Ill get to work on these soon!

This is the learning session I assume? I hadn’t had a chance to mess with that, next time I unlock some new vocab i’ll get to work on it!

Yes, that would be awesome! You did a great job with this, it looks beautiful!

Looks great! Seems to be missing the “recent community topics” section completely though.

Oop, thats an plugin that I added. See the bottom of the CSS and remove the lines! Sorry, I copied this straight from my personal WaniKani settings as I dont think having that on my Dashboard helps me learn! :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you clarify which lines exactly, please? I was also wondering about where the community topics section went, haha.

Of course SCSS to CSS reorganised everything, goodness.

section.forum-topics-list {
  display: none !important; }

Removing these three lines will restore the content, however its not styled still. I can probably work on this in future too… but i’m not guaranteeing support.

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Nice, thank you!
Also something I stumbled upon, on the pages for specific radicals/kanji/vocab the SRS progress at the bottom seems to be unstyled. Not really important since I don’t check those often but thought I’d let you know.!

Thanks for all the feedback guys! I’ve collocated what I need to fix…

  • Lessons page
  • “Your Progression” page
  • Login page
  • Settings page
  • Community and Blog settings dashboard.
  • Kanji/Radical/Vocab pages.

I’ll get to work on these ASAP.