WaniKani Anki Deck with New 2018 Content


I just started using WaniKani and found myself wanting to study more through Anki. I have found many decks for WK here and on other sites, but I think all of the radical names and mnemonics are before the latest update I read about in 2018. For example, the radical prison is enclosure on Anki.

Is there any Anki decks (or any other SRS systems like Memrise) for WK that have the latest names or should I should plan on changing them by hand?


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What is your goal with Anki? Are you just looking for additional reviews or something else? There are some WaniKani scripts that will let you do additional out-of-SRS reviews if that’s what you want.

Yeah I just want to do more reviews. Sometimes I am struggling to recall certain readings and I think some more reviews may potentially help.

A script would be great. I love the format of WK so a script might work perfect.

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Check out these two scripts. The first is a self study script with some options for filtering. The second is a companion script that provides more filtering options.

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