The Anki script is my saviour

Hi there, everyone! :slight_smile:

I just felt the need to make a post to express my new found love for the Anki script, that I believe oregu and Mempo made.

I have been in a terrible rut with Wanikani for past few months for various reasons, one of which was that it just took me far too long to get through reviews and I frequently mistyped things which led to poor accuracy and in turn more reviews. It got to the point that I was just constantly overwhlemed when faced with even something like 100 reviews and I would often let them pile up to hundreds, which made me take a few vacation mode breaks to build up the will power to tackle them. I was really struggling.

It might seem silly to many of you, but for some reason I just couldn’t handle my workload like I used to in the earlier levels, and I was constantly trying to think of ways to improve my speed and accuracy. I remembered that when I was using Anki regularly alongside Textfugu a while back, I found it much easier to blast through hundreds of reviews because of the simplicity of answering metally or out loud and then clicking whether or not you got it right when the true answer is revealed. So when I discovered there was a script to make Wanikani like this I jumped on it immediately. It took a little getting used to, but I now find that my accuracy is much higher, it’s far easier to clear big batches of reviews quickly and I no longer feel massive dread when seeing my reviews stacking up. For the first time in months I feel motivated and hopeful for my future of Wanikani.

TL;DR: I recently discovered the Anki script, it massively increased the speed at which I can get through reviews and I honestly can’t thank oregu and Mempo enough for taking the time to make it.

Thank you so so much! You guys are the best! :smiley:

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What script?

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You keep writing "this/the Anki script without ever writing what you’re actually talking about. Does the script add cards to your Anki deck based on what you’ve learned on WaniKani? If that’s so, then I’d be interested in such a script as well, so please share what you’ve been using. :slight_smile:



Thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile:

Sorry, guys, I just kind of assumed people would know which script I was talking about, but I should have shared it.

Anyway, this is the script I meant and it’s super awesome! :smiley:

What script?

It already was linked to…