Kanji Review Script?


I apologize if this already exists somewhere, I just haven’t found it yet. I’m currently using several scripts, but am looking for a script that only reviews Kanji and radicals. I have the WaniKani self study quiz already, but I didn’t see a way to customize it only to quiz me on kanji.

Does anyone know if such a script exists that will allow me to only select the kanji and radicals for self review.

I plan to do everything in WaniKani, but I also want to just keep doing a quick review every day of all the kanji I’ve learned so far so that recall is lightning fast. This is the way I imagine I will be able to do get to that point.

I guess I’ll ask that question too here, and maybe in another post. Anyone have tips for studying kanji to improve recall speed? As in recognizing the meaning/reading as soon as you see the kanji?


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This probably isn’t helpful to you, and I’m not trying to be a smart alec, but I find the vocab on WK reinforces my recall of the kanji a lot. That is, I can recognise them more reliably when they’re in conjunction with other kanji and as part of words, more so than when a random lone symbol comes back to haunt me from a distant level and my mind goes blank :slight_smile: Context innit I suppose. Which is how they exist in the wild I guess.

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I appreciate the response. I agree with you. I just feel like it would be more manageable for me to do 200 kanji reviews every day at the moment, than go through a huge pile of randomized vocab and hope I hit every Kanji. I plan to keep doing the WaniKani stuff as is, going through the reviews and vocab, but I would also love to go through all the kanji I’ve learned up to this point while I’m still in the earlier levels every night before bed.

Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

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Wanikani Item Inspector will allow you to do this, which you can find here

You can add a new table with the filters you want, then quiz yourself on the whole table. Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:


If I’m understanding you correctly, are you wanting to study WK’s kanji outside of WK? If that’s the case, I recommend Kanjiroids It’s a fast (space invaders style) review game. You can set it to kanji only and enter your api key so it’s only kanji you’ve studied as well. Personally, I use it more for vocab, but the way I do it is if I can’t remember the meaning, I’ll intentionally let the word fail so that it flashes on the screen. It’s good for improving your speed since you only have a limited time to answer with the correct reading.

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Just select kanji in the Item Type filter in the settings.


Thank you for the responses everyone! I’ve been busy so I haven’t checked this out much. Thank you x1000

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