Tsurukame synch getting overwritten

I just knocked out 200 reviews in Tsurukme only to have them overwritten by Wanikani after the synch. I tried a few more test runs, and it looks like Tsurukame is no longer synching progress up to Wanikani. Only from Wanikani down to Tsurukame. Is anyone else having this issue?


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Ahh thanks for pointing that out. So it sounds like any 3rd party app that leverages the API for accessing review data will be impacted by this.

@davidsansome any advice or suggestions? Thanks!

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Oh no! I use tsurukame this morning and didn’t have any issues. I could try it right now.

Please let me know how it goes! :pray:t3:

I just did 1 review on TK to check and it updated on WK

I leveled up successfully yesterday via TK after the reviews endpoint (?) was shut down, so I worried that maybe it was fine with reviews you already had before then but wouldn’t update with ones that came in after, but that seems not to be the case, as that review was for a new lesson I did after the shutdown. It may be a bug


Oh, so that’s why Heatmap isn’t really working correctly and why I lost my streak for four days in a row (through using Tsurukame). Reviews are now syncing both ways between Tsurukame and the WK site, but somehow Heatmap isn’t picking my reviews if I use Tsurukame.

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I am unfortunately also having this same issue :frowning: Sometimes the reviews I do on Tsurukame sync to WaniKani and sometimes they don’t, seemingly randomly. However, the longer I do reviews on TsuruKame, the less start to match up with WaniKani upstream.

Okay for me. I mainly use the app these days as opposed to the web browser version of WK (especially since the recent update).

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Not having any issues at all.

Same I mainly use the app and just the website for the extra study section only. I hope Tsurukame won’t add the kana only vocabulary or create a separate section for the kana only vocabulary.