Tsurukame and Wanikani reviews not syncing

I did over 100 reviews on Tsurukame while I didn’t have any WiFi, and they still haven’t synced back up with Wanikani even after reconnecting. Later, on the Wanikani website, I did 25 kanji lessons and those haven’t synced up with Tsurukame. So, now I have 30 reviews to do on Tsurukame and like 170 on Wanikani (which, I just did the 30 reviews and they synced perfectly with Wanikani). Very strange.
Another thing - the review number on Wanikani goes down every now and then? Like it is updating, but at a snail’s pace.

I really don’t want to mess up anything, what should I do?

I’d suggest popping this in the Tsurukame thread specifically.


Here’s where you can request features and log bugs for the app (I’m not the dev) you’ll need to create a GitHub account though:
tsurukame · GitHub

Yes, this is fixed in the beta.

The standard version actually is syncing, just one meager review at a time.