Morning stolen by Tsurukame [App]

To anyone using using the Tsurukame for their Wanikani-ing, check that your app is syncing with the Wanikani website.

My app stopped syncing up… meaning, according to the Wanikani website, my reviews were not done. I didn’t release this until a queue of about 300 review were waiting to sync…

I just had to redo all of them :expressionless:


You may want to move this to the official thread: [iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

Mine is OK now but I’ve had this happen to me as well (I used an ipad which I will never use again). On the upside, you will jam out that +300 pile 5X faster and it’s all good practice. I also keep an AlliCrab to check the review count as it should update accurately for every refresh. (which I also only use for the dash board and customizing descriptions during lessons).


FYI- I just moved this thread to the API and Third-Party Apps section. :wink:

But, yeah you’ll get more help going straight to the thread for Tsurukame that s1212z linked.


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