Userscripts on Android (Browser)

@neicul thanks so much for posting this!

I usually use iOS but I miss some of these scripts so much when I’m on mobile (I hate typing on mobile, it is so slow!) and am considering using some Android device just for WaniKani so that I can install userscripts. But I was slightly annoyed because that meant that I would have to e.g. modify the Anki mode script so that it has buttons and work around other bugs. So it was a really nice surprise to find this thread and find out that someone already did that work and I can now just focus on my pile of reviews instead. Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Allquest Tampermonkey is (or at least wasn’t) working well on mobile for me.

@irrelephant Np, glad it’s useful! I can’t live without the anki script anymore :stuck_out_tongue: it makes reviews sooooo much faster (esp on mobile) :smiley:

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It would have saved me so much hardship.

Ah well, coincidentally I just got a new Android tablet so I was looking for a way to do userscripts again.

It works perfectly…if only I used Firefox more often.

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I made a little updated version for myself with some changes for the buttons. Because now I absolutely can’t live without this script anymore :smiley:

  • Buttons are displayed below the answer form instead of on top so that the content isn’t hidden by my hand (my Android device that I’m using just for this purpose is tiny and crappy…)
  • There are two states for the buttons: either one large “Show Answer” button or two “Know”/“Don’t Know” buttons so that you don’t have to move your finger anywhere in case you got an answer correct

In case anyone wants to give it a try or reuse it somehow:


Is anyone having problems with the input of answers? For example, if I try to write たべる, I’ll get たたべたべる. It becomes a mess when I have to write even bigger answers =/

You mean in general on Android or when using the Anki mode script?

In general. I’m not sure if any of the scripts I installed is making it happen, but I don’t have that many installed.

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I can type fine in Firefox on Android. Maybe you want to try disabling your scripts once just to rule that out?

I remember someone else having the same problem, but I don’t remember who

I had the problem. Then it suddenly was fixed. And then it started up again. However, I just changed phones and reinstalled some but not all my scripts on the new phone, and don’t have the problem yet.

Therefore I think the problem may be caused by one particular userscript.

You should be able to find a page that allows you to switch scripts on and off. For me it is under the mozilla menu and then select tampermonkey and then dashboard. Can you try disabling scripts one by one and see if any is causing the problem?

Nice! I’ll try out your version soon. The reason I put the buttons at the top is because the bottom of the screen already has two other buttons for me (reorder by SRS and Ignore answer). I was also thinking of moving it from the top however, as on large screens it’s inconvenient to have your hand hovering on top the whole time.

Back then, I put it together really quick and hacky :smile: So it’s great that you made a new version!

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Thank you to all who contributed to the anki script. Just installed and it’s brilliant. Irrelephant version working well with my firefox on android

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@irrelephant I finally had some time to test, it seems that something isn’t going quite right for me while using the script:

After selecting the first “show answer” and then “know”, the buttons do not revert to “show answer” anymore. Might have something to do with me using a reorder script (im always doing meaning -> reading of the same queue item before going to the next item).

As for big screens, I still have the hovering hand issue, i guess it should be totally at the bottom (in the footer) for that :frowning:

Love the button toggling concept tho and I can see it working better than my version for smartphones at least!

@neicul I still couldn’t reproduce what you describe but I noticed an issue in combination with the “Ignore Answer” script. Maybe if I fix that I will also fix your problem. I will be busy this week but I’ll look into it on the weekend.

And I definitely understand what you mean about the button placement. I can try and put them on the bottom on the page instead. Maybe make that configurable or something because on my tiny Android device, they would be hidden in that case.

edit: oops, damn it, I edited my original answer instead of adding a new comment. I have no idea what my old comment said but I’m guessing it wasn’t that important :wink:

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Came here to ask the same. I prefer TamperMonkey. You can even export/import scripts and settings. And between browsers too! Chrome on desktop, Firefox on mobile, for instance. That by itself makes it worth your while.

I use Tampermonkey myself when I’m on desktop and prefer it over Violentmonkey. However, when I made the original post, Tampermonkey was not available for Firefox mobile. If I remember correctly at least.

If tampermonkey works well on mobile then I’m all for it :grin:

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Has anyone been having difficulty with userscripts on android firefox recently using tampermonkey? Some days I have all scripts working and other days it is as if they aren’t installed and I can get no joy.

Love to hear from anyone who has it working or who is also having problems

I‘m using violentmonkey since I‘ve read here a couple of times that it is the more stable option. Sometimes, I have to reload the page once for the scripts to load but other than that it is working fine.

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For me it’s also just having to reload the page to get the scripts working (and get the right reviews as well!) Guessing firefox on mobile loves to cache pages so you can continue right away. But that doesn’t work well for Wanikani / userscripts :frowning:

Thank you so much for this guide. You totally made my day.
I was using the WK app for android, too, and found it to be pretty lackluster. Now I have a proper solution and am a happy camper :slight_smile:

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