Reordering on android app?


I am new to wanikani (Lv 2) and just recently started using the “WK” android app. It has some embedded scripts but I really would like to be able to reorder radicals/kanji/vocab. I have read some tutorials about adding a reorder script, but it seems these are meant for internet browsers… Is there a way to add this to the app?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hell hello, welcome!

I’ve never used any of the third party apps, but I used this:

to get some scripts working on FireFox browser on android. I’ve heard about some people that couldn’t get certain scripts working, but if the app can’t help you, you could always give this a go.

Good luck, and enjoy your kanji journey!

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I moved away from all apps and now purely do all my reviews (when not on the pc) on my android firefox + violentmonkey. There are a lot (read: most) of scripts that I consider essential that aren’t incorporated into any of the 3rd party apps.


The android app is no longer being actively maintained. It had an older version of the reorder script installed as some point, but when it stopped working due to changes on WaniKani side, instead of updating the outdated scripts to make them work, they were just removed as functionality. The few userscripts that still work are found in the settings. I was considering trying to make the app compatible with the new scripts at some point (it’s open source btw, you can find it on github), but I’d have to learn javascript from (almost) scratch to do so and I don’t have much free time for that.

For now the best solution for Android users seems to be to use the Firefox browser since you can install userscripts in it ¯\(ツ)