Userscripts on Android (Browser)

hi! i just wanted to say thank you soooo much for sharing this!!! i have been searching for the longest time a way to use the reorder script on android, and now i can!!

i’ve installed the reorder script, ultimate timeline and dashboard progress plus and all seem to work well!! i haven’t tested the override script yet but i think i wouldn’t have a problem with that.

you’re legit my hero :heart_eyes:


A short question: is it okay to use the anki mode script for android from the 1st post? I mean this thread seems to be a bit old so I may end up using something outdated. Does someone use it currently?

I have not used it in a long while but it used to work. I highly encouraged you to use the app Flaming Durtles though. It is, in my opinion, the superior way of doing wanikani. I stopped using the website for lessons and reviews altogether.

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Thanks a lot. I didn’t even know of this application and struggled with web version when PC was unreachable. Now that dirty 3G and tiny sensor keyboard won’t stand in my way.

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