Tampermonkey and Chrome for Android (tablet)?

Hey, I’m on a week and a half vacation at my parents, and left all the cool userscripts I use on Firefox at home on my heavy desktop PC. All I have with me is my tablet (Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid). Now, I don’t use Chrome on my cellphone (it was before that came standard,  my phone is OLD), so I don’t know if I can get Tampermonkey and scripts to run on this thing or not. 

What I’m using at home and would love to run here:
rfindley’s Timeline 
tomboy’s similar kanji
Real times
Real Numbers
And a couple reorder scripts that I don’t remember the name of (one rfindley’s, the other Munch???)
Hoovard’s connections

I want the Timeline and the Real Numbers to work the most.

Anyway, do any of these exist for Android/Google Play? Is Tampermonkey an add-on that I can get on a tablet??? Even if I can, will installing and running user scripts work the same? 

The Android app I have on my phone is pretty lackluster…

What do you all recommend?

Bottom Line: Help me get these apps working on this tablet please? Especially if I can set it up the same with Tampermonkey (instead of Greasemonkey).


EDIT: I found a browser that works quite well (although looks minimalistic and has too many options hiding) in which I can install and run userscripts on my Android tablet! Habit Browser Classic seems to do the job on the dashboard at least, for my Android, 4.2.1 device. 
Jan 31 2016

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Update: in the Play Store and there is one guy that made 3 Tampermonkey “apps”. The reviews weren’t very good and it seemed to me that it was really just a terrible browser that you could add scripts to. Some people even reviewed it as “didn’t work”. :confused:

No ideas anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

You can download the Wanikani apps in the Play Store, they come with lots of pre-installed scripts, and I’m almost sure that some that you use are available. I personally like the pink one more because it looks prettier to me, but Wanikani Mobile works great too. You can set the scripts you want in the settings. I hope this helps ^^

Nope, I have no idea. I have only used the mobile app once or twice, and then deleted it, so I can provide no helpful comments on that. I tried installing greasemonkey on Firefox Mobile but that didn’t seem to work.

I suggest trying out one of those tampermonkey apps. Unless your parents have a computer it seems there is nothing much that you can do.

http://oilcan.jsharkey.org/     <- looks promising except not sure if 100% compatible with it

Haven’t tested it but android’s firefox supports addons. Just don’t kill your RAM with too many scripts, if it works at all

Hmm… Thanks guys.

I hadn’t tried any app besides the basic, old, non-supported WaniKani Mobile - because that was the only one that worked on my phone. I’ll take another look in the App store. Thanks Haruu and Kreasu. And thanks, Mempo, for answering my plea, even if you had no advice to give… ^_^;

I found a way to get used scripts on my Android Tablet!!! I had to download Habit Browser (Classic), and copy-paste code into a “new script” under advanced settings (that browser has way too many menu options). I have 4 scripts installed currently, however the two reorder scripts do not appear to function.

Currently working: rfindley’s WaniKani Timeline, and Dashboard Progress Plus, both of which work perfectly on the dashboard page. So I know I’ve got the scripts in the correct place to work, enabled properly, etc. 
It even did the auto API grabbing! 

I don’t love the browser, so I will only be using it when I feel the need to use one of these super handy user scripts.