Review forecast is wrong/outdated

My review forecast shows that I have 10 reviews at 7, 9, and 10 pm today. It’s currently 8 pm and I’ve done the reviews from before 8 pm today. Why is it showing that I have reviews for 7 pm today? It’s also not showing the review forecast for the 10 lessons I just did. Anyone know how to get working again?

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Hey ElenaHG! Thank you for reporting your issue. Would you mind reaching out to and report your issue there? Would you also mind including some information for us?

-What browser and OS are you using (and version)?

-Do you have any WK user scripts or browser plug-ins active?

-Could you send us a screenshot of your review forecast as well?

I think the forecast is functioning as expected but I want to make sure. :+1:

-Nick at WK

I figured it out. My system clock was somehow set to the wrong time zone and Wanikani got confused. Changing the clock to the correct time zone fixed the review forecast and my other issues with the reviews as well.


Perhaps related.

I have noticed that refreshing the main page often results in the review count being updated, but not the daily forecast. Reloading several times eventually gets the forecast to update.

Safari/iPad in my case

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Thanks for the report davebp! :+1:

-Nick at WK