[Userscript] WaniKani Pitch Info

Thank you for making this plugin. I’ve found it really useful. I have just one suggestion you may want to implement.
I’m using the plugin, funnily enough, to make sure I’m using the right pitch accent when saying vocabulary out loud as I review them. However, at the moment I can only check the pitch accent after I have input the reading and opened the tab. I would really appreciate being able to know the pitch accent before doing so. At the moment I’m using an excel table to match the word to the accent (pictured below). My suggestion would be to change the background colour behind each word when inputting the reading from a standard purple to a colour that matches each accent (orange, green, purple, blue).
I do realise that I can just say the word after inputting the reading, and I’m not sure that you can change the UI colour like that, but I think it would be a worthwhile change (especially if it could be toggled - some people may prefer having to memorise the accent)

Alternatively, you mentioned the possibility of requiring the pitch accent number when answering. Have you made any progress on this or have you decided against it? In the long term, requiring us to memorise the accent would probably improve the usefulness of the tool and I would support it.

(As an aside, I just realised how large the images I attached were, schwoopsie!)

@Invertex I’ve submitted a PR for the script so it runs on preview.wanikani.com and doesn’t run on every wanikani page :slight_smile:

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Is there any way to change the colours? I want it to match my Anki pitch accent thanks.


Should be right here:


How do i access the code and change it? and does this change the little graphs too?

I’m going to assume you’re using TamperMonkey.

  1. Click this image
  2. Click this image
  3. Find this image
  4. Click this image
  5. You’ll now be in edit view, so you find the section that @_josh linked above
  6. Double click on the text like this: image
  7. Change it to a different hex code colour https://htmlcolorcodes.com/color-picker/
  8. Finally, click image

Then see if you like the colours. If not, return to step 1.