[Userscript] WaniKani French Synonyms!


I’m new on WaniKani since few weeks, and recently, I was thinking about having different languages on WaniKani, so… as a French native speaker, I tried to edit the original Userscript “WaniKani Bulk Add Kanji User Synonyms” by Norman Sue to replace every kanji meaning which was in english to the french one I took from Jisho and sooner with Dictionnaire de japonais + Kanji & Kana!

If some people are interested/can correct me about few meanings or also want to help to improve this script, It will be a pleasure!

Even if it can be a good thing to have the English meaning as a non-native speaker for improving our english level, in another way, sometimes, english words are really hard to understand so it can be a bit struggling to deal with it :sweat_smile: !

(08/14) EDIT: I decided to make a full revamp of the previous code by Norman Sue the last days! So as what I’ve changed currently:

  • French meanings are not stored in the source code but on a Github repository which has the opportunity to make “meanings update” easy to do without having to reinstall the script everytime since it will automatically detect if an item got new meanings or if a new item was added into the file from the repo! (+ It’s also adding meanings for words and radicals, not just kanji)

  • With this improvment, it will be maybe possible in the future, to add more languages for having different meanings than just the french ones

  • The code is still not perfect, I have to admit, I have to add custom settings like, deleting current synonyms? - But for the moment, I’ll say it’s okay to deal with it :grin: … And I think it’s all I have to say about what I’ve done!

Script: WaniKani French Synonyms (v2.0.2)


The most annoying thing to do, will be to write all the meanings into the different files for radicals, kanji and vocab, but when it will be finished, I hope it can be a great resource for people :blush: !

And yes, everything is still not complete, I apologize (also for my english if I make mistakes in few sentences). I still have to check all the kanji; I added translations for the radicals only from level 1 to 3 + I didn’t even started to add some translations for the words :sweat_smile: haha…


Hi Acaretia,

Thank you very much for sharing this script, I am just starting the WaniKani journey and I feel like your script will be very useful to me when I will reach higher levels.

I would be glad to contribute, e.g. filling vocab on Github.

Have a nice day

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That would be a pleasure!

I didn’t had a lot of time since September because of my classes at Uni, haha ^^