Users' synonyms: add them while learning lessons

So I just began my monthly subscription, as the free try-out convinced me and I thought it was the perfect time to ask this question, that goes over my head everytime I learn a new lesson;

Is there a way to input new synonyms before the first review(Meaning while learning the lessons)? As I’m a 日本語の大学生 I’d like to be able to immediately write and learn the correct meanings of radicals, primarily, and I speak French so I translate every kanji and word…
It’d just be easier and faster IMO, and forgive my freshmanness if the question’s already been debated thousand of times :frowning:



It is possible if you install this script.


Wow so fast! Thank you so much.
Another question about it: as I mostly use my phone (Android) for Wanikani but my computer as well, should I separately install the script in each device?

Yes, you’ll have to instal on both. The scripts don’t carry over. ^^

On my Android, I downloaded the Firefox browser, and installed the ViolentMonkey extension. This allows you to install scripts on your phone in much the same way you do on PC. You simply follow the dowload links in the script threads.

In the Third Party and API thread, there are plenty of instructions on how to get scripts working on PC.

For Android instructions, I used this thread:

Welcome to WK!

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Damn what a community! Didn’t expect to find happiness so fast haha
Thanks and sorry to be a noob!!



You‘ll love it around here…

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