Wanikani won't accept kana-based synonyms for radicals?

Hello! I learned Japanese to an intermediate standard, several years ago. I haven’t used it since then and I’m now starting again from scratch.

I used Wanikani in its early days and I’m aware of the debate surrounding the use of radicals. I’m happy with the system on here but I don’t like thinking of the radicals by English names - it hurts my brain when I’m in ‘Japanese mode’. Since I already know many of the words (and can pick up the others), I want to use the English meanings that Wanikani gives, but translate them into Japanese and use those. I’ve tried adding them as synonyms, but the review won’t accept them as answers - it doesn’t mark them as incorrect, the box just shakes and tells me to try again. If I add the same synonym in romaji, it works just fine. I’m using this as a compromise, but it would be really nice to figure out a way around this. Am I doing something incorrectly? Is there a userscript that I haven’t found?

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If you have been here earlier you should know that the system has an in built in ime the reading part . It doesn’t accept kana for meaning.

There is no other way to input it other than in romaji for the radicals (at least what I have found).

I write the radical names in romaji. For example hatsugashira for 癶.

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Thanks, I was afraid of that! Oh well, romaji it is.

At least it will save you the half a second it takes to switch between keyboard input. Silver linings


For some reason I’ve still not managed to figure out, the longer my browser has been open, the longer it takes to switch from the English keyboard to the Japanese keyboard. After a couple of days, it takes upwards of twenty seconds, which is extremely annoying.

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Sounds like it could be a memory leak; as a lot of programs run they don’t clean up after themselves as they should, meaning they grab more and more memory without giving anything back when they’re done with it. Over time things will start slowing down since there isn’t as much memory to go around. The best way to fix the issue without actually fixing the code, is to close the problem program when it starts getting bad.


Oh, I’m aware “turn it off and on again” is a solution, but that’s also tedious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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