Adding Japanese meaning as a synonym for every vocab and Kanji in WaniKani

Has anyone ever tried that? Creating WaniKani totally in Japanese, at least for the input box… Creating Japanese version of WaniKani.

Pre-existing English meanings might be blacklisted as well.

I feel like what I learn most from WaniKani is more of readings than meanings. I don’t really understand vocab meaning well enough even if I have burned it. Yeah. It’s just level 60 for readings.

I think intermediate-to-advanced learners in Japanese benefit differently from WaniKani. If you are good enough at Japanese, you learn more of meanings; if you are worse at Japanese, you learn more of readings.

A list of Japanese meanings for both vocab and Kanji might be compiled into a database --> and then make a Userscript to add as synonym to all entries at once…

So, let’s share the Japanese meaning somehow, if you have done it.

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You mean like just having kuruma in romaji for 車?

People have talked about this, and we’ve had the discussion many times, but usually just for isolated words.

I really don’t like the idea since then you’re not actually checking comprehension. You might know what it means, you might not. You definitely know the reading, that’s all.


But every entries are pre-defined, and force you to type in a Japanese sentence. Otherwise, synonyms in simple Japanese words.

Ah… no I don’t think anyone has tried or suggested that. The input doesn’t allow kana, right.

Input for meanings, right? I have just noticed that, but that may possibly be bypassed by a Userscript.

You don’t understand the meaning well enough because your native language isn’t english? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be more interesting to create your own mnemonics and add synonyms in your native language so you can make sure that you know the meaning and it’s something you can relate to?

Just knowing how to read kanji is often useless unless you want to be able to search for words in a dictionary, isn’t it? If you don’t know the meaning you won’t understand anything you read and you won’t be able to use that vocabulary when speaking because you don’t know that you already know the word that you’re looking for. It seems like a self-defeating system with no real, productive purpose.

Interestingly, many people passed N3 or N2 before starting WaniKani. They would probably be able to use such system.

His suggestion have actually having Japanese sentences would be the most accurate though, so I don’t see a problem with it. Can’t get much more accurate than that. I always recommend using a monolingual dictionary in addition to WK anyway.

The problem is just putting it together.

Haha actually I replied before this conversation started but somehow my reply came in after your reply and the ensuing conversation. Now I completely understand what polv meant: adding japanese definitions. When polv said meaning I understood as just literally adding kuruma to 車 so it made no sense to me.

Thanks for the explanation.

I can see now how this could benefit advanced learners. I did not grasp the logic of the request you had made! Obviously this would be great for advanced learners although possibly extremely difficult to remember long definitions.

Many of the meanings are so abstract also, and the way you might use the word picked for the english meaning is possibly very different from how the japanese word is used. This is usually the case for words more abstract than cat or house. Like 公 for instance.

I think the vocab helps with that a little. I dunno, I’m not yet at the point that a japanese only wani kani would work for me.

I’ve thought of a picture based wanikani, one where you must match a picture of a cat to ねこ. And 猫 to ねこ.

Well I don’t think Wani kani is a good place since it would confuse beginners but my advise is (and what I do) is play games in Japanese. The 3DS has a lot of Kanji with furigana and then compliment with Wanikani. That’s the fastest way I learned Kanji and their words. I know about 500 right now :slight_smile:

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