'Found in Vocabulary' section

This is a fairly small thing but…

Can be give a bit of room for the English meanings provided in the ‘Found in Vocabulary’ section?

There’s even plenty of room for the text on a mobile browser:



Having Tofugu fix this in Wanikani itself would definitely be preferable (e.g. using the CSS {text-overflow: ellipsis})

In the meantime, when you’re on desktop you can use the DotDotDot Expander script to fix this.
The latest version of the script is [here].

What if he meant that the English translations are way too small compared to everything else?

If there’s a desire to also increase the font size, I’m happy to add that to the script.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve done that in at least one of my scripts, but I can’t remember which one.

By the way, the DotDotDot Expander also works great with @normful’s fantastic [Vocabulary Grid] script

Wow, there’s a script for almost everything. I’m surprised this hasn’t been updated since it seems to have been a issue since at least 2014.

If you mean the DotDotDot script, I updated it about 6 days ago since it broke recently, plus to update some vocab.

Sorry, I meant to refer to WK.

I’ve installed it and it works well, thank you. Although, I hope they fix this.

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