[Userscript Request] Split up remaining reviews indicator by level

in my opinion seeing “360 reviews” is a little scary and when i’m in the middle of a review session and i see there’s still 300 left it’s feels like i haven’t made any progress, so i’d like someone to make a script that breaks that down from

“300 reviews remaining”


“Level 20 - 46 Reviews
Level 19 - 36 Reviews
Level 18 - 58 Reviews

i got this idea from using the reorder script when i saw that as i completed levels they went away from the menu and hovering over them said how many they had left.



Ooh this is a great idea! It would be a great addition.

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Splitting into Radical/Kanji/Vocab like in Lesson Hover Details would also be nice (not entirely related, but since this would take the same visual space, it could at least be an option).
I may write a “Review Hover Details” script for the Radical/Kanji/Vocab option and include a level distinction option, but please don’t hold your breath for it, sorry for giving you hope ^^

By the way, the Ultimate Timeline script already shows you which levels the reviews are from, but only from 1-10, 11-20, etc. I guess this could also be modified to show each level.


i think you’re misunderstanding… i meant the remaining reviews number that’s in the right corner while you’re actually doing the reviews, not on the dashboard

Oh, i see, that can’t be combined with those other scripts then. Sorry for the confusion.

so it’d look something like this:

(although it’d probably look better than my quick photoshop w)