I know there was a script for this

Hi, friends

I’ve reset my account and started doing lessons/reviews again but I changed my computer since the last time I was here so I don’t remember all the scripts that I had installed.

I am looking for a script that lets you do reviews in batches where meaning + reading for an item will be within certain number of reviews from each other. I’d like to make sure I can finish the review for a certain item in case I am not able to do them all in one sitting.

I can only find scripts for having meaning + reading back to back but this is not what I am looking for.

I’m very certain I had a setting like this before, I hope someone can point me in the right direction (:


I think what you want is built into WaniKani. During reviews, there is a little clock icon which enables the “wrap up” feature. This will complete the review session within 10 items, including all of the ones you have in progress.


oooh you’re absolutely right, I was looking at the app settings and didn’t find anything so I thought it was a script

I will look for that next time I have reviews

thanks! :smiley: