[Userscript request] Hide remaining count in review session

I want to request an userscript that hides how many items are remaining in review.

Every time I start enjoying the reviews, one look at the remaining reviews number destroys the fun and fills me with dread.


I can’t make userscripts but this userstyle should be able to do what you want. Though, you can install it as a userscript, IIRC.


Thank you for your help. I am so grateful It works.

If it isn’t too much, can you update the code to hide the progress bar on the top as well. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Didn’t try it while reviewing so I didn’t consider the bar, oops. I fixed it, so you just need to update. Would want the number of finished items gone as well? They’re easy changes so if there’s anything else you just need to mention it and I’ll have it ready in a few minutes.


Thank you. I want the number of finished items as I take a break after 50 reviews. Thank you again.



Kumirei is like… too cool. :blush:

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I added the script to : The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

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Hey, I’ve actually been using the script myself, and I quite like it. Noticed that it’s not hiding remaining count in lessons, though. You good or you want that added?

It’s fine in lessons. I do my lessons very differently than others. So no need. Thanks for asking.

hey! I know it’s been a while, but is it possible to hide the count in lessons?

No problem. See if this does what you want
Wanikani: Hide Remaining Count In Lesson Session | Userstyles.org

Hi, hiding the review number that is left, is great. But for anyone that can do maths the complete check mark makes the whole thing redundant.

Anyone have a line of code for hiding that as well?

This hides the completed count, the available count, and the progress bar

#stats .icon-ok,
#stats #completed-count,
div#stats span#available-count,
div#stats .icon-inbox,
div#reviews #progress-bar {
    display: none !important;

Nice, this is perfect!