Add-on that lets me only review kanji?

I’m working on recalling the kanji, and as I see a kanji I write it down. Is there a usercript I can install that lets me only review kanji (not vocab, radicals) and will remove them from my review queue after I review them?

Use one of the reordering scripts. :slight_smile:

If you want to remove something permanently from your review queue without burning (??), I’m not sure you can do anything about that other than reorder by SRS level ^

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I don’t want to permanently remove anything anyways. I just realized that it would be a lot more useful to use that kind of script with Kaniwani. I assume you don’t know anything about a script like that for Kaniwani tho. 'Cause with Wanikani you don’t have to recall what the kanji looks like.

Ohhhh, now I see what you mean!

Some people do use KaniWani for that purpose. They use a handwriting-based IME or just write it down on paper. But there is no sensible way to make KW put up kanji instead of vocab. KameSame has the option to include kanji, but there’s no way to exclude vocabulary as of now. You could ask in this thread.

You could also export your WaniKani deck to Anki or another SRS program, since you’re manually testing yourself. Since you can just export all the kanji, this is probably the best option. WaniKani to Anki Exporter -

(If that one doesn’t work, try – sorry, never exported my deck)

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Thank you for the very helpful info! I will try Anki again. I was using a really great custom WK Anki deck but it’s giving me errors, I don’t think it’s supported anymore, so I’ll try your suggestion.

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Sorry to keep asking so much, but I’m not sure how to set up the Anki deck I downloaded from the site you linked.

This is all I’m getting when I import it. anki%20error

No worries, Anki isn’t very intuitive. And it seems the output Wanikani to Anki gives doesn’t work great out of the box without setting up the fields, WaniKani Explorer seems to provide a better one. At least setting up the ifelds would be necesssary.

But if you don’t mind using a plainer deck, use WaniKani Explorer and uncheck all the boxes except the one you want mapped to Front and Back. (Meaning/Character, for example)

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It’s working now! Thank you so much! The only thing that could make it better would be a way to organize by level but it’s fine if you don’t know how.

Do you know if there’s a way I can add a link to the Wanikani page for the cards?

Ah, I was gonna say this is harder than it is, but it turns out Anki has built in find-replace with regex. Otherwise you would just export it and edit it in something and then reimport it.

This depends on the format of your deck too.

If you did the fancy WaniKani to Anki set up then you can definitely edit the template instead of bothering with messing with your cards. Go into your deck browser and click ‘Cards…’. Changing the template with {{character}} in it to <a href="{{character}}">{{character}}</a> might work. It should have a preview.


Which field did you map the kanji to? Let’s assume it’s ’ Back’ and that you used WaniKani Explorer.

Open your deck browser, select all the notes in your kanji deck, edit > find and replace (or ctrl+alt+f) >

Find: (.*)
Replace: <a href="\1">\1</a>
In: Back (or whatever field the kanji are in)
Make sure ‘treat input as regular expression’ is checked

If you used WaniKani to Anki, it’s trickier because I can’t be 100% sure what the format of the cards looks like, and I don’t have it set up so I can’t tell you how to edit it. I can’t guarantee I won’t mess up your deck. But if your cards just look like k_一 and stuff,

Find: k_(.*)
Replace: <a href="\1">\1</a>
In: Back (or whatever field the kanji are in)
Make sure ‘treat input as regular expression’ is checked

Level support would require re-exporting the deck with the level information and sorting by that in the deck browser (and making sure you map it to an appropriate new field).

Good luck!

Do you know how I can make it so the lessons come by ascending level?

If you have the level information in the deck as I described, open the deck browser and sort it by that field until it’s in ascending order. You might have to right click on the field headers (card, due…) and toggle it to visible.

So I think I arranged it by level

Will this automatically make new lessons be sorted by level?

Sorry, I forgot a step. Highlight the cards you want to reorder (all cards you haven’t learned yet at the very least) and edit > reposition

Moving the ones you’ve learned might mess with the SRS timing, but if you want to do that anyway, use reschedule instead.

Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards has some details on what they do

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Alright, so what do I choose here?