What to do with a script...? *confused*


Hello everyone!

I am uber confused about a script I’d like to use. Consider me a real dummy, but I bet I’m not getting something about it.

Here’s the script I’d like to apply, but when I click the “stable version” link it’s just a page of code. I expected it to be more of a programme, but what do I have to do with this code? Or should I click some other download link there (which, apparently, I can’t detect)?

Sorry if I ask a question that is too simple, but feel like I’m totally lost.


do you mean you cant install the script? if thats the case you need to install the add-on tampermonkey in your browser


First you need to install an extension. Tampermonkey for Chrome or Greasemonkey for Firefox, or something similar should be fine. When you go to the page with the extension installed it will look something like this and you’ll only need to click install.


Thank you, Kumirei and Owl!! I’ve got it now! It works)