Was there a script to memorize kanji first?

I saw a post a long time ago about this, but now I’m on phone and can’t find it. Could someone help me find it?

What do you mean by memorizing kanji first?

Like, you could choose whether you wanted to review kanji or vocab first out of your review pile


That’s what I was assuming. Looks right to me.

Also allows you to choose your lesson order.

if you’re using the phone app, you could check the settings in the app. I don’t think the android app has it (someone please correct me if I’m wrong) but i’m pretty sure the iphone app has it

Yes that’s it, thank you! Never used a userscript before, wonder how to enable it…

I’m using an iPhone app but it’s not in the settings so far as I’ve looked? Idk which app are you referring to?

Userscripts are generally for desktop browsers.

I know! I just happened to make this forum post on a phone :slight_smile:

Here’s a visual aid to install userscripts. You can use tampermonkey for Firefox as well.

Did something change since I made it?

Sorry, my bad, I was reading something wrong when I originally went over it. It looks good to me. (I removed the outdated comment. Apologies again.) Though I find I like tampermonkey for Firefox better than greasemonkey. Easier to use for me.

For a phone,

iPhone, iPad - New iOS app
Android - I can’t yet find a way. I want one too. Even Firefox with USI doesn’t work.

When I use this script, the first question is about the type I selected in priority (kanji), but then the rest are all the other types. Then it seems normal or not even quite like I ordered it. Is that normal? Was hoping it would just focus on kanji until that was almost over and THEN switch :frowning:

I had that app but I looked inssettings and couldn’t find any such reordering?

In Settings → Reorder script.

Man, I’m stupid, thanks!

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