[Userscript] Fast Vocab Breakdown

Fast Vocab Breakdown

This script aims to make refreshing your memory on a vocab item’s kanji effortless by quickly providing you with the kanji’s primary meanings. Inspired by DaisukeJigen’s Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer script it simply displays the information on the screen as soon as you fail an item.

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There are settings for which questions (meaning/reading) it should display for.


Available at

this innocent link


Shouldn’t “Consent” be appearing on there? Or maybe I misunderstood how this script is supposed to work :laughing:


Nope, but Daisuke’s script does that. This script just displays the kanji’s meanings. I use it to remind myself of which kanji they are. Especially useful (imo) when you confuse two similar kanji.


Ahh, naruhodo. My bad :laughing:


No problem, I wasn’t very clear


And innocent link of Kumi’s? I’ve been hurt too many times before! :sob:


Was actually working on something like this myself, but was having issues.
For some unknown reason, random entries, when I go to move to next item, I get redirected to https://www.wanikani.com/review/session?userResponse=xxx or something like that. Ending up giving up for ‘a while’…



I believe that is a recent issue caused by a number of scripts. People were reporting it in the official update threads. I have no idea what is causing it though. I had to disable “Do You Even Kana Bro?” to do the new lessons

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I’ll have a look at DYEK this afternoon if I remember, I don’t know the issue you’re talking about and don’t know how a simple regex matching script could trigger it but I guess it will be fun little puzzle to solve.

On another note, I too have made a script like this, although I called it WK Overlay for some reason (I think because I ‘overlaid’ the Kanji meanings on the screen, and I planned on expanding it to different functionalities). Like many of my scripts I haven’t been able to give it the love that I’d like to, but it does also work on Kanji, although a more manual touch is required.
For Kanji the Radicals pop up in draggable boxes that need to be positioned around the Kanji the first time so they know where to show up the next time.

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Morgan Freeman: “He did not remember.”


AnswerChecker.evaluate is now taking 3 arguments (type, response, answer) and not sourcing the answer internally now.
I’ve done a quick patch to both my “Do You Even Kana?” and “Close But No Cigar” scripts.
Working for me now. :crossed_fingers: