[UserScript] WaniKani Overlay 0.3.3

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0.3.3 Fixed dragging from blue radical box instead of word.

This is a little sumthin sumthin for reviews I’ve been working on that is far from finished, but I’m using it now and I’ll improve it as I go. Just thought I’d share because I’m a cowboy and don’t need everything (or anything) to be polished before I unleash it on the masses.

It puts little tips up when you ‘Show more information’ on Vocabulary so you don’t have to look at the components and stuff.

For Kanji, draggable windows are displayed with each of the radicals WaniKani designate to that Kanji.
The first time these are shown for each Kanji, they will be in the top corner of the character. They can be moved around as desired to indicate where they are found in the Kanji.
This position will be saved and you won’t have to set it again if you use the same browser (and the same window size since it doesn’t handle font changes).

Works on Vocab and Kanji (Radicals won’t be included for a while).
Does the same thing for both reading and meaning reviews.

Future Plans:

  1. Have tips respond to window resizing

  2. Limit to ‘meaning’

  3. For vocab ‘reading’ have the furigana for each kanji where possible or for the whole word when its one of those funny ones like 二十歳.

  4. Extend to kanji and radicals by making it more graphical.

Known Bugs:

  1. Moving to fast causes script to miss an event and still think the info window is open, giving hints on a review that is yet to be completed.
  2. Doesn’t check what kind of review (meaning or reading) it is yet. Will just give kanji meanings for both of them.
  3. Isn’t responsive to resizing the window.

Installed, will report back when I’ve tried it in action. Looks good though


Nice stuff. Looking forward the kanji version with radicals!
Keep the good work!

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Good to hear. I should have kanji up over the weekend. It will be a bit more interactive. I can still get the radical components the same way, but indicating where they are will be up to the user. (Should only have to do it once for each kanji though)

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Updated version 0.3.1 now has draggable radicals for kanji reviews.
Locations are saved in browser so if you use the same computer it should be okay.
Feedback welcome.

I am aware of a problem I introduced (which I will work on fixing this afternoon) in the case where you get the same item for review immediately they won’t show up the first time, but if you hide and re-show the window they should come up.
Edit: This issue has now been resolved.

Nice script, I like it.
Small bug: Was reviewing 訓 and when I looked at the radicals (to test the script) both of them were stacked on top of one another (言 and 川) so only 言 was visible.

Will it be possible to add custom radicals? Sometimes the real radical names help me understand and remember the meaning of the kanji better than WaniKani’s radicals.

Note: in the requests thread I had asked for an API that adds one’s radical synonyms to the Kanji learning page but this would be 5000% better and more useful. I would be forever grateful!

Good idea, it was in the back of my mind, probably will implement when i get to adding support for radical reviews (since they have no ‘components’ they will need to be a lot less restricted in elements that can be added).

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The kanji radicals should be draggable, and all start at the top left of the kanji (0px, 0px) since there’s no (easy) way of knowing where in the kanji the radical is. You only have to drag them into place the first time for each kanji though. Let me know if they arent dragging or something.

I’ll probably give it an export/import function or crowdsourcing component for radical positions in the future.