Self Review with Script

I think you should do it at a pace you’re comfortable with. Using the self-study in between reviews, waiting for them to pile up, doing only a set of them at a time, etc can really only be said according to your schedule. I definitely pace my reviews based on what I am doing per day, or based on what’s expected for the day.

I use this script to help me figure out how to pace my lessons & reviews for the next day. This is how it looks like on my dashboard:

I’ll probably do the seven because I have the capacity to in the moment, but sometimes i’m bone tired and will wait for the morning.

Knowing my expected daily helps me to see that ill probably do 4 chunks of 50 reviews, or 5 sets of 40…or 2 sets of 100, depending on what my personal schedule looks like. Since I do the majority of my reviews on my computer and then sneak a few here and there during commutes or going to the restroom on my phone, I find I can clear them with ease. But the load steadily increases the higher levels you are.

You can also use KameSame or KaniWani as well. I’d recommend starting sooner than later & syncing your account so you can work through the lessons + reviews.