User Synonyms Not Working

In my current session the synonyms that I made up are being counted as wrong. I just noticed this today. Is anyone else having this problem?


Which ones specifically? Just to rule out the possibility that they were actually blacklisted.

I am not sure what you are talking about. I have never had this problem.

Items on the blacklist don’t get accepted even if they are added as user synonyms. If you are talking about a large number, then it’s probably not an issue with a blacklisted item, but if it was just a couple then I figured it could have been.

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Did you try restarting your session?

no, I am trying to get through it first.

these are ones that were working yesterday or the day before

I see what you mean, I thought you meant you added them during your current session.

@Mods maybe you could help figure out what’s going on for OP? :eyes:

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Hey! Sorry to hear this is happening. Could you shoot us an email at If you have screenshots, those would also be super helpful! Thanks :raised_hands:

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maybe it is black listed…


I tried to do synonym “to release” instead of “to be released”… because I can’t understand trying to put trans vs intrans verbs into English.

I do not think it is fair to force the learning of transitive vs intransitive in this way… if this is the case.

also for the case of 上がる it won’t let me answer with “to raise” even though I put it in my custom synonyms.

I don’t want to keep going in circles because some blacklisted it because to me I see no difference and it’s giving me a headache dealing with this.

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That’s most likely blacklisted.

because I can’t understand trying to put trans vs intrans verbs into English.

In English, we do have Transitive and Intransitive verbs. One requires your subject to do the verb and the other does not.

It’s not the exact same, but it might help if you try to think of it as active vs. passive voice if you are more familiar with that and the concept of Transitive and Intransitive is getting to you. Not necessarily the best idea since you’re crossing grammar points, but it kinda works.

Active: I raise my hand. 私は手を上げる。
Passive: The bread has risen. パンは上がった。

(Feel free to correct me if I messed up this grammar explanation)


Yeah, they recently started standardizing how they handle transitive and intransitive items. あがる never means “to raise” and only means “to rise” so they blacklisted “to raise” to prevent confusion.

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I know you’re trying to help. But an explanation is not what I am looking for.

I just want to be able to put in a word that I choose and have it say it is correct instead of forcing my brain to do some critical thinking and jump through hoops to figure out that does not exist in English.

I’m just fine with knowing if it is intransitive or transitive. I understand the concept, just not in the English language.

The fact that I don’t have a choice is annoying as hell… Is there a way around the “blacklist”?

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This one is an actual error. I understand English is not your first language, so the distinction is pointless. However, it’s because you cannot use this word to release something.

This one is arguable, I also think that “to raise” (QED ‘when the flag was raised’) is a fair intransitive translation, even though I understand why it is blacklisted.

In terms of what is this transitivity,
“I throw a rock”, here I am the subject, and [rockをthrow]
“the rock falls”, here, nothing falls the rock, it simply has a state of being

Edit: to be clear, I agree with you. I agree with a freedom of choice. I’m also not here to learn English. I don’t want to be hand-held so much and held in such low esteem that I can’t choose for myself. At the same time, WaniKani also enforces a maximum speed of accepting new lessons and levels, it is part of the core idea and structure of WaniKani to enforce certain sets of rules that they believe are in the best interest of new learners. I can’t fault it too much, being an excellent working system.

Edit2: maybe if it matters so much to them, they should add a transitive/intransitive check box :black_joker:

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English is my first language. I still see no difference…

I am not looking for an explanation. I am just here to air my grievances and possibly find a solution.

If they could change one thing it would be to have the “user synonyms” override the blacklist. Seems like the simplest solution.

You can email them as suggested to see what they have to say. I have a hard time imagining they’ll allow users to override things they’ve blacklisted for a reason, without some kind of explicit user confirmation, but you can see what they’d say.

Edited for clarity.

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wow that is offensive. You are really going to insult my intelligence and say that “to raise” is “clearly wrong”. I didn’t come here to be abused.

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Okay… Sorry if that was how you took it. Have a good one.

@Leebo I think it helps to understand that all transitive verbs in English are also intransitive verbs, so the point of blacklisting is weak at best. It’s a substitute for checking whether the user knows the verb is strictly intransitive. I seem to recall from years back that you are Portuguese, but maybe I’m mixing you up with someone else.