User Synonyms Not Working

I don’t agree with that, but there probably won’t be any benefit of discussing it here.

OK, can you give me an example of a transitive verb which cannot be used without a direct object?

Well, you implied what I am asking for is wrong because I am clearly wrong.

and wanikani team should just ignore a clearly wrong person like me.

When all I want is to do override the blacklist.

I probably shouldn’t get involved but:

You’re gonna have to explain that one. :thinking:

If we have a verb like, “throw”
I throw a rock
but also, “the rock was thrown”
and besides that, “I am throwing”

You realize those aren’t the same words, yeah?

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To me they most certainly are. You may perceive as you wish, but we should probably agree to disagree.

The point of my distinction is that, no matter how you conjugate, “to rise,” it can never take a direct object.

Fair enough.

I raise my hand.
I raise a child.
I raise a point.


I edited that literally 1 second after
but in a way you proved how pointless this blacklisting is

Ah ok, I see where the confusion is.

You’re making the same point I am.

The OP wants to answer あがる with “to raise”

あがる doesn’t take a direct object just like “to rise” doesn’t.

Agreed. That’s why I think it should be the right answer for あがる and not “to raise”, which does take a direct object.

One point I do agree with @superuser on is that you should be able to override the blacklist, at least for items above a certain level.

Yes, but I also “can raise”
although now, re-reading that sentence, I will concede that the potential form carries the wrong meaning


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I’m having the same problem.

edit: yay. mine are working again!

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I just had this problem as well. I don’t have screenshots, but I have a synonym of “enlightenment” for 啓, and a synonym of “watch” for 傍観. These synonyms have worked for me in the past but were rejected just now, and naively don’t seem like they’re so off base as to be blacklist-worthy. But perhaps they are?

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I am having this same problem as well on various items. For example, I have added a user synonym of “only” to the Kanji 唯 but Wanikani is not letting it through and marks it incorrect.

I’ve also added “cloth” as a synonym to the 巾 kanji, but that was marked incorrect. I’ll take some screenshots if it happens again.


I use synonyms all the time, and none of them are working. I’ve done about 50 reviews now, and while obviously not all 50 I used synonyms, none of the user synonymns I tried worked. It seems unlikely that that many would suddenly become blacklisted.

Not sure if it’s related, but I’ve noticed a change in words that end in ん. I just had 準, and I typed jun, which became じゅn. Normally this gets accepted, but for some reason it forced me to write a double n, i.e. becoming じゅん. Same for 頻 with the reading ひん. It’s quite noticable, because I never type a double n.


yep happened to me as well with synonyms that ive been using for quite a while

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I also just tried disabling my user scripts and that made no difference.

Just had this happen to me as well. They were synonyms I’ve used successfully before. I have screenshots available if necessary. Neither reloading the review session nor removing a synonym and adding it again helped.

We’re looking into this atm. Thanks for your patience everyone, and sorry for the interruption!


It has to be a bug. For 惜敗, one of the given definitions is “loss of a close game.” They wouldn’t accept “close loss.” If they blacklisted that that’s very petty