Not allowing some Synonyms?

Just wondering why some user-made synonyms aren’t allowed, and if there’s any way to get around this?

For example in 勇む i want to add the synonym “To encourage” but, even after I add it, it will mark me as incorrect.

I do this for most transitive/intransitive pairs because, as this app is for JP → EN recognition, and when reading Japanese you will know the meaning due to the particle in front of the verb (or simply form context), I don’t see it worthwhile to remember which is which.

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“To encourage” is specifically blacklisted. I think they’ve started doing that with a lot of the transitive/intransitive pairs because otherwise the typo forgiveness algorithm could accidentally pass incorrect answers, and people may not notice.


How would that help stop incorrect answers?

“To encourage” is incorrect, but it’s close enough to “To be encouraged” (which is correct) that the typo algorithm would have accepted it if Wanikani hadn’t blacklisted it.


Ok I see, thank you

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