User synonyms not being accepted

Ive just done a review session and when I entered a user synonym it still marked my answer as incorrect. Has this happened to anyone else? Ive never had this happen before.

Experiencing the same thing.

Some words are specifically blacklisted. Which word was the synonym for?


There’s also a bug where if you add words that are on the “warn” list (i.e. WaniKani will tell you to try again, but won’t mark you wrong) as a user synonym, it’ll mark you wrong instead.

I`m having the same problem. It’s because the use of the scripts? I’m hope someone fix it soon, I can’t use wanikani without synonyms. :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

What word did you put the synonym on and what was said synonym? As others have said, if a certain meaning is on the meaning blacklist for a word, even if you set it up as a synonym, it won’t get accepted.

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This is no longer true as I fixed this last week :smile:


FYI we have a similar post already. I have responded in that post: User synonyms broken? - #9 by tofugu-scott

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