Scaling the 6583 review wall - Once more unto the breach!

how i do it when i read: Manga, Jisho, Google translate, DeepL all open at the same time.

as i read, look up kanji i don’t know: google is pretty good at identifying kanji when you draw them (there’s a “turn on handwriting” thing at the bottom left of the input side. jisho is decent for finding kanji by radicals. if i don’t get the grammar, type the whole sentence into google translate or deepl (or both, they have different strengths and weaknesses).

for most sentences, i only need to put 1 or 2 kanji into google, and i can figure out the rest. sometimes i need the whole sentence. sometimes, if i kind of twist the translations offered, i can make it make sense. and that’s got to be good enough. if the story continues to make sense, that’s good enough.

i’m not sure how i stand on furigana. it sometimes makes it easier, but it takes the focus away from the kanji. the reading i enjoyed most (あさがおと加瀬さん) only had furigana on names and difficult words. it didn’t feel more difficult than others with furigana.

if the uncertainty is too much for you, join one of the bookclubs. you can then ask questions about grammar and vocabulary, but also cultural stuff you might not get, in the bookclub.

read something you actually want to read. i tried よつばと, but it didn’t captivate me. instead, yuri romance manga seem to be my thing.

oh, and rikaichamp, best browser plugin. hover over a kanji word, short dictionary reading pops up. means i can take a bit of text and just start reading, using rikaichamp for words i don’t know. this might be particularly useful for you, as you do already know so many kanji, and you can use it for quick recall.

the problem is that they clog up your reviews, and make it even more difficult for the SRS to work properly. the SRS works well as long as you’re able to get through all your reviews every day. once your items start piling up, the SRS gets weaker and weaker.

with a sorting script, you could at least somewhat alleviate that overload. i’m pretty sure your accuracy would start going up very soon too. and with better accuracy, you’d actually be able to make process on this wall ^^


I’ve been having this same gripe when I’m going through the context sentences on here

It would be nice if there was furigana on hover (probably to difficult to make) or an optional furigana option you could turn on or off


My point is that familiar items take barely any time to review, and thus don’t materially affect how long it takes to get through other items. Most of my time reviewing is spent looking up unknown words and kanji after getting them wrong or thinking about the answer for items I can’t remember.

Also, the SRS is more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules anyway for reasons I explained previously.

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Wed Jun 16 2021:
Time spent: 61m
Reviews completed: 110
Reviews remaining: 6519
Accuracy: 49.09% (54/110)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 69.05% (29/42)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 36.76% (25/68)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3168
Guru: 1298
Master: 1074
Enlightened: 2863
Burned 530

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This morning, 船酔い came up, and I was proud that I managed to remember the really tricky reading (it’s funa, not fune for some reason). Then I put “seasick” for the meaning, and it was marked wrong, despite that being a synonym I added. Evidently, it has been blacklisted since last year. I guess they want people to remember that it’s actually a noun even though it looks like an adjective - fair enough, I suppose, although it did leave me frustrated.

Then soon afterwards, the same thing happened with 散歩する, where I put “to walk”, which has apparently been blacklisted too. Now that is just complete BS. I know what it means, I just didn’t happen to phrase it in the exact way they wanted. The whole thing left me so frustrated that I couldn’t concentrate and ended up having to cut my morning review session short.

Of course, it’s not exactly the first time I’ve missed reviews for items I already know. It happens pretty frequently for kanji due to not putting the exact “meaning” they wanted. E.g. I missed the burn review on 賃 yesterday due to putting “rental” instead of “rent” for the meaning. But it’s a lot more frustrating when it’s due to a new blacklist like this.


there was a problem earlier today with user synonyms not working. seems to be fixed now: User Synonyms Not Working


I feel your pain. I also raced through the first 60 levels, partly because I bought an annual membership. It did motivate me, and I got to 60 in a bit over a year. But that Level 60 was such a large goal that once I reached it I lost a lot of motivation and spent most of the next year not doing much on WaniKani at all.

Eventually I picked myself up and also got a lifetime membership, once I realized that learning this much will take more than a year or two. When I started again in earnest, my review queue was 3277. Since then I’ve taken it slowly but surely using the reorder script to review only kanji (not vocab) until I reached the end of the kanji.

A year and a half later, I’m finally on the vocabulary part of my review queue, and the total number is down to 2374. So really only about 900 in that time. But I’m not suffering burnout, and I think I’m able to learn them better the second time without racing. Also, I think the vocabulary section should go faster than the kanji section. (And then I’ll have to start on my 553 lessons…)

Anyway, I guess my advice is to not stress, find a pace that works for you and chip away little by little without freaking out about that giant number.


Another record! To be fair, I didn’t do as many reviews as usual today due to getting frustrated and stopping early in both the morning and evening sessions.

Thu Jun 17 2021:
Time spent: 18m
Reviews completed: 33
Reviews remaining: 6555
Accuracy: 39.39% (13/33)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 75.00% (6/8)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 28.00% (7/25)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3169
Guru: 1309
Master: 1068
Enlightened: 2853
Burned 534

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My various morning and afternoon sessions today were really slow and brutal due to encountering lots of unknown words and kanji that I had to look up, so I didn’t get many reviews done, despite the large amount of time spent. The later sessions went better, but not enough to bring up the average for the day much.

Fri Jun 18 2021:
Time spent: 72m
Reviews completed: 120
Reviews remaining: 6527
Accuracy: 45.83% (55/120)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 73.58% (39/53)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 23.88% (16/67)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3182
Guru: 1327
Master: 1059
Enlightened: 2828
Burned 539

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Here are my stats to date, broken down by level. Overall, the pattern is pretty much the same as the last time I did this back in May. Most of the reviews came from the low or high levels, with a noticeable dip in the number of reviews from levels 35-50, presumably because those were mostly Enlightened at the start. As far as accuracy goes, my accuracy drops heavily the higher the level goes, which makes sense since the low level items are more likely to be common words and kanji that are easier to remember.

Overall accuracy: 47.397% (1220/2574)

Proportion of reviews by level:
1-5: 9.1%
6-10: 10.3%
11-15: 10.3%
16-20: 10.2%
21-25: 9.1%
26-30: 9.8%
31-35: 8.0%
36-40: 5.2%
41-45: 4.0%
46-50: 5.7%
51-55: 8.4%
56-60: 9.8%

Accuracy by level:
1-5: 76.2% (179/235)
6-10: 68.0% (181/266)
11-15: 68.3% (181/265)
16-20: 63.9% (168/263)
21-25: 51.5% (120/233)
26-30: 53.8% (136/253)
31-35: 45.1% (93/206)
36-40: 31.9% (43/135)
41-45: 21.4% (22/103)
46-50: 15.6% (23/147)
51-55: 16.6% (36/217)
56-60: 15.1% (38/251)
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My morning reviews went very badly again today. In fact, it made me pretty much give up. I’m planning to reset tomorrow. In the mean time, another new record in reviews:

Sat Jun 19 2021:
Time spent: 27m
Reviews completed: 33
Reviews remaining: 6583
Accuracy: 36.36% (12/33)
Accuracy on resurrected items: 57.14% (8/14)
Accuracy on non-resurrected items: 21.05% (4/19)

Current item counts:
Apprentice: 3189
Guru: 1325
Master: 1055
Enlightened: 2827
Burned 539

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i imagine deciding to reset is hard!

but it won’t take you long to get back up and running, and i think it will go much better than brute-forcing this mountain of reviews!



Me too! Although I pretty much exclusively use DeepL as I think it gives better translations than Google. And I’ll use before going to DeepL. The progression is jisho, looking up grammer in my set of A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar,, and finally if all that fails, DeepL.

For kanji lookup I was using google translate but I didn’t like how it gave results in romaji, and I can’t draw a kanji on a phone screen to save my life, so I wrote an android application that is specifically tailored to kanji lookup, and redirects to a list of recognized kanji, which will redirect to

My thought with this thread was exactly that. Especially if you have lifetime, why not just reset?


I’d actually recommend a reset to an earlier level.

The point of WK levels in the first place is to prevent people overloading themselves by taking on too much at a time. You’re in a position where you’ve got pretty much three quarters of the entire site active with over 3000 at apprentice level.

As of now the chances of seeing the items that you reviewed recently at the ideal SRS interval is very small and so I think your efforts are being wasted.

If you use a tool like to look over the SRS stages of items across the levels then it should help you decide which is the best level to go back to as you probably don’t want to redo levels where most things are burned already.

The WaniKani Items page then has a bunch of filters that you can open and use to get a feel of the data:


i like the handwriting recognition on google better. i’ve got a small drawing tablet which i use, so i can handwrite unknown kanji into google :wink: DeepL gives much more natural translations than google, but that doesn’t always mean that they’re better. so i use a variety of tools ^^

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That’s a fair assessment. I do my manga translations by taking a photo of a page, dropping it into a google doc and then writing out the translation next to the images. And there are times that I intentionally leave literal translations because I find them more interesting than a localized/natural version of the translation.

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When I compared DeepL and Google Translate in the past, I didn’t notice DeepL being any better, so I normally just go with Google Translate.

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I finally gave up. I reset to level 48. Hopefully, this will help me get through the review backlog without dealing with the mountain of obscure, impossible to remember kanji from the high levels that don’t matter anyway.

Stats from before reset:
Reviews remaining: 6618
Apprentice: 3189
Guru: 1325
Master: 1055
Enlightened: 2827
Burned 539

Stats after reset:
Reviews remaining: 5304
Apprentice: 2921
Guru: 762
Master: 521
Enlightened: 2535
Burned 539


My first review session after resetting was nothing short of magical. Yesterday, I only managed 36% accuracy, while today, I got 75%! Admittedly, a lot of that was probably due to luck, but the difference in experience was still night and day.

In case you’re curious, the reason I missed 電 (electricity) was due to confusing it for 竜 (dragon).


As I suspected, a lot of that was just luck. On my second post-reset session, I only got 47% accuracy. Still, things are definitely easier than they were before, and I’m going through reviews much, much faster than I used to.